Vaasna Care™

Our story:


All  these begins with personal skin care regime.

Ranjith Sundar – a techie and Dharanya Sundar –pro makeup artist combo was the base of Vaasna. Idea of commercial comes from him who saw his sister using  handmade skin care products for her daily regime.

Self satisfaction in organically made skin care products lead us to think it for commercial sales. That’s how VAASNA Care bloomed. It was co founded by Ranjith and Dharanya Sundar in the year 2019.Initially all the ingredients were sourced from nearby organic stores and later lead to farm sourcing for more organic indulgence.  No products will be launched in market without being tested from real people. Pros and cons will be analyzed and altered before being sold to customers.

Nothing is more promising than a satisfied client smile. We believe in old mantra “cooking for small batch tastes heaven”. We make all our products in small quantities just to make sure the quality of products and its elitness is maintained.

Touch of AYURVEDA is reflected in all our products to ensure tradition in modern skin care regimes. We hardly work for every product to create its unique recipe to get 100% results assured. Vaasna care products are formulated by Digging deep into nature and its amazing skin rejuvenation properties.

Our promise


The only thing Ranjith believes – “ no compromise in quality”.

With more and more care to make all organic skin loving comestibles , Dharanya finally came up with 5 promises of VAASNA that gave its shape .

5 promises Vaasna give to its customers;

  1. pure – purity in each product- no chemicals added
  2. organic – organically sourced – cruelty free
  3. handmade – handmade elitness – artisans made
  4. luxury – luxury in every range – nature at its best
  5. quality – no compromise in quality-simplified skincare


Welcome to the world of organic luxury.

Vaasna is promised to keep its elitness in every single product produced. Ayurveda – science of life, always paves way for a wonderful living and healing with its year old traditional practices. With Ayurvedic references as base, all our products are formulated.  Carefully handpicked ingredients from natural sources add value to our skin care range. Only fresh Ingredients are used at every single production. Made with organic – carrier oils, essential oils, elite exotic butters, and natural extracts from fruits, vegetables and flowers from fresh farm.

Vaasna – wish or desire – in Sanskrit

Vaasna – pleasant smell – in Tamil

So as the name says., desire for a flawless skin begins with nature. That’s what VAASNA is all about.

When it comes to Tamil meaning., nature is the foundation of great smell. All our products ensure VAASNA as its base quality.