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Soap making companies often face this question..why handmade soaps are expensive when comparing with store bought soaps? In fact all store bought soaps are not really soaps. They are just chemical detergents made into a hardened bar with chemical hardeners, artificial fragrances and chemical foaming agents. May be store bought soaps can state themselves as ‘natural’ ‘chemical free’ ‘organic’ and all kinds of persuading advertisements..but before believing them all.. do check the ingredients section for clear info.

Handmade soap is pure soap, in its true pure form. It cleanses and moisturizes naturally without stripping away your skin’s natural healthy oils. To be open, some of the ingredients of commercial soaps are in handmade soaps, too, and they are natural ingredients. Stearic Acid is a fatty acid common in all soaps. However, handmade soaps do not usually contain any preservatives or harsh chemicals that are commonly found in commercial soaps.

Handmade soap is more expensive

Typically they are selling in a range from Rs.200 to 750 per bar, handmade soap is far more expensive than most store-bought soaps. It’s worth it, though. Read on.

Handmade soap contains all its natural glycerin

In the soap making process glycerol (glycerin) is liberated from the triglycerides, which are then converted to sodium salts. Chemically speaking, soap itself is a “salt”. Glycerin is FANTASTIC for your skin, but it is far more commercially valuable than the soap itself. So, commercial soap companies extract the glycerin and sell it separately, replacing it with cheaper chemicals., which is why commercial soaps are more harder than usual. Independent soap makers (handmade soap making companies) leave in the natural glycerin to hydrate and soften skin.

Handmade soap can be custom formulated

We can make soap in very small batches, so we can easily custom formulate. For example.. if a customer is dealing with particular skin problem., then the company can especially formulate soaps treating that particular concern of the customer. Or in many cases…some people are used to some kind of addicted flavors like..chocolate, coffee, rose and many on the list.., we can easily make that particular flavored soaps for our customers which we cannot see in usual store bought soaps.

Handmade soap uses natural essential oils

Commercial store-bought soaps are usually scented with chemicals. Most soap making companies, however, use all natural essential oils instead. These oils have real therapeutic properties. For example, tea tree oil is a natural antimicrobial. Lavender oil helps you relax. Citronella repels biting insects. Peppermint is a natural astringent.

Handmade soap preserves the natural oils

The coconut oil, Shea butter, and other natural skin-nourishing oils we use actually stay in handmade soap to protect and heal your skin naturally.

Handmade soap is local – Buy local! Yaaas!!

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