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Hair care Combo

Unlock Gorgeous, Strong Hair
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1,160.00 200gm

Hair care Combo


Say goodbye to all your hair-related problems with our ultimate Hair Care Combo, featuring Kesha Sanjana Hair Oil and Kesha Hair Wash Powder. Achieve the perfect look with long and strong tresses that you’ve always desired. Experience visible results within just 3 months of regular usage.


  • Prevents Hair Loss
  • Promotes Lush Hair Growth
  • Controls Dandruff
  • Prevents Hair Breakage
  • Keeps Hair Strong
  • Imparts a Healthy Shine to Hair
  • Provides Soft and Smooth Hair While Protecting from External Damage
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Hair care Combo

Unlock Gorgeous, Strong Hair

1,160.00 200gm

Key Ingredients

All That Really Matters

Adds shine and softness to hair. Fights dandruff. Gives strong and thicker hair. Prevents dry scalp. Delays grey hair. Removes hair lice. Reduces hair fall. Greatly helps in removing dirt from scalp naturally. Helps in hair growth.

Conditions hair. Stimulates hair growth. Helps in thicker hair growth. Helps in stronger hair. Reverse hair damage. Helps hair in preventing protein loss. Makes hair soft and smooth

Conditions your scalp. Promotes healthy hair growth. Helps in minimizing grey hair. Boosts volume of hair. Drastically reduces dandruff. Also helps in treating head lice. Helps in maintaining health of the hair and scalp. Thickens the hair naturally. Makes hair bouncier and luxurious.

Increases hair growth. Prevents hair loss. Address dandruff. Cools down body and scalp. Makes hair shinier. Keeps hair smooth and soft.Makes hair more manageable.
How To Use
Kesha Sanjana Hair Oil
Step 1 : Take the required amount of Kesha sanjana hair oil and apply it over the scalp till end.
Step 2 : Gently massage with your fingertips for 3 to 5 minutes in circular motion. Leave the oil on your scalp overnight or wash after 2 hours.
Step 3 : Use weekly twice or thrice or according to your need for longer, stronger and shiner tresses.

Kesha Hair wash powder
Step 1 : Take 2 to 3 tablespoon or required quantity of Kesha Hair wash powder and mix it with plain water.
Step 2 : Apply evenly on scalp till end and massage in circular motion for 2 to 4 minutes.
Step 3 : Gently wash off the hair wash powder 1 or 2 times with plain water and pat dry.
Step 4 : Use weekly twice or when needed for soft and dandruff free hair.


How often should I use Kesha Sanjana Hair Oil and Kesha Hair wash powder foroptimal results?
For best results, use Kesha Hair Oil 1-2 times a week by gently massaging itinto your scalp and leaving it for at least 1-2 hours before washing. UseKesha Hair Wash Powder once or twice a week as a replacement for yourregular shampoo.
Can Kesha Sanjana Hair Oil and Kesha Hair Wash Powder help with hair growthand thickness?
Yes, the natural ingredients in Kesha Hair Oil and Kesha Hair Wash Powderpromote hair growth and thickness by strengthening hair follicles andimproving scalp health.
Can Kesha Sanjana Hair Oil and Kesha Hair Wash Powder be used on all hairtypes?
Yes, these products are suitable for all hair types and are particularlybeneficial for those seeking natural and Ayurvedic hair care solutions.
Do these products help with Dandruff and Hair Fall?
Kesha Hair Oil and Kesha Hair Wash Powder contain ingredients that can helpreduce dandruff and hair fall, providing a holistic solution for scalp andhair health.
Is Kesha Sanjana Hair Oil and Kesha Hair Wash Powder Combo safe for colour -treated hair?
Yes, Kesha Hair Oil and Kesha Hair Wash Powder are safe for colour-treatedhair and can enhance the longevity of your hair colour by promoting overallhair health.

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    Good quality.

    December 11, 2023
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    Hair Care Combo is a game-changer. My hair fall has reduced, and my scalp feels refreshed.

    July 22, 2023
    Verified Review
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    The Hair Care Combo is worth every penny. It’s improved the overall health of my hair and made it less prone to breakage.

    May 20, 2023
    Verified Review

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