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Handmade Elite Bath soap is one which is made by simple raw materials such as fat, oils, liquids and lye.  Flavored soaps are made by adding particular flavors like honey, milk, juices, purees, dried flowers and so on… depends on our skin problem or our need.

Process Behind:

The process of making  Elite Bath soaps include 2 main ingredients. One is fats or oils or bot. secondly lye. Lye is nothing but caustic soda. No soap can be made without adding caustic soda i.e., NAOH – sodium hydroxide. Dealing with caustic soda without any safety measures or inappropriate amounts will lead to burning  of skin and some other side effects too. But when it comes to handmade soaps… there are certain measures for adding this caustic soda. That purely depends on what kind of fats or oils you have chosen to make this particular soap. Each soap contains different level of lye concentration.

So adding caustic soda will not make any side effects .,why because ..all  soaps are made and put in a process called which all the soaps are allowed to sit for minimum 4 to maximum 6 weeks to neutralize the strongness of caustic soda which is added. The power of caustic soda will be neutralized to 95% in 1st week after soap made. The remaining 5% of caustic soda needs to be cured for the balance 3 to 5 weeks to make sure it is safety enough to use even for babies.

 Advantages of ELITE Bath soaps:

These soaps are really attractive, cause of their colour, fragrance, texture and their shape importantly.

Colour of the handmade soaps depends on the colour of the ingredients you are adding… to say…charcoal added soap will give you exactly the same colour as charcoal i.e., black. Turmeric added soap will give you slight sun shaded golden colour as their result. So the colour of the final soap depends on the list of ingredients adding.

What’s inside :

For these soaps,, fragrance is added in the name of essential oils. Essential oils are not only the fragrant agents but also carries many medicinal properties and therapeutic properties within itself. Using essential oil in handmade soaps are like having aromatic bath each day. Will make you refresh on every single bath.

When it comes to texture, Elite Bath soaps carry kind of soft yet medium hardness. This is because the ingredients we are adding. This is purely made of oils and fats and lye. For certain extent lye can make a soap harder but not too harder like commercially bought soaps. Yet this texture is much likely to make you fall in love with our soaps easily.

Shape of our soaps are a bigger advantage it carries when comparing with all other specialties. Why because is… you can choose your desired shape while coming to these soaps. All commercial bought soaps will carry more or less same shape. While al our handmade soaps stand out in shaping thing. Shapes can be made preferably for adults, infants,  women, men, and so on.

Thus our Elite Bath soaps are much safer and healthier for skin.

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