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Calendula, in other words called as marigold or pot marigold flower which is common in Indian households used to devote for gods during festivals. This miracle flower has many skin loving properties hidden inside, listed below.

Basically, skin of a baby is more sensitive and delicate when comparing to adults and aged. Those needs extra care when it comes to daily routine to maintain healthy look. It is necessary to care baby skin as it is more prone to dryness and other related problems. Keeping baby warm and nourished is tops on your list. Baby skin care is just as important.

Why Calendula?

There are many well-known herbs and ingredients serves the purpose of treating baby skin related problems. How calendula serves exceptionally? Calendula is known as skin miracle flower due to its healing properties for skin. Calendula is rich in anti-oxidants which treats skin conditions like eczema, redness, breakouts and soothes skin. It will react with free radicals and prevents from premature aging, hyper pigmentation, and dullness.


One of the major issues faced by new born mamas is treating dryness. Baby skin gets drier fast than usual. Calendula, which has essential fatty acids for skin that acts as life savior by giving skin cells the ability to absorb nutrients and hold on to water for long time. On the surface it will look like more nourished, supple and smoother skin.

Unlike adults, baby care products are minimal. Soap, body and massage oil, dusting powder is all you need for basic skin care for babies. Try to look out for products made with calendula as their main ingredient for that gentle and extra nourishment.



Soaps made with calendula serves as antiseptic and keeps the baby skin hydrated for long hours and helps to get rid of baby acne at bay. Vaasna care – Elite bath soap Calendula & Lavender is specially made for baby and sensitive skin which is safe to use on delicate skin and aids in healthy cell growth. Olive oil in soap gives your skin soft and smoothness. Give your little one , a joyful bath every time.

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